Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement

This is an authorization agreement for Automated Clearing House pre-authorized payments as well as payments using your credit card, debit card, bank account, or other payment options, including funds held as balance.

By checking the box above, proceeding or providing the electronic signature, you agree to our terms of service and consent to be bound by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) rules and hereby agree to authorize Deposits [Deposits, Inc] on its own behalf and on behalf of its direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates to create debit and/or credit entries to the account(s) indicated at the Depository Financial Institution(s) registered to your account and to accept such entries to the account(s). Entries will be initiated only as authorized above.

Any issues, objections, or discrepancies regarding entries will be reported no later than 90 days from the transaction date in writing. Failure to deliver such notice within the prescribed period will serve as an absolute waiver to any and all remedies, causes of action, and other forms of relief arising out of or in connection with each such transaction.

This authorization will remain in effect until written notification of termination has been given by the customer and that notification has been received by Deposits [Deposits, Inc] on its own behalf and on behalf of its direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates.

In addition, Deposits [Deposits, Inc], in its discretion, may terminate the customer’s ability to participate in the Electronic Funds Transfer system. Any termination will take effect only after all entries originated by Deposits have been honored by the bank.

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